How to Use?

You only need to paste the content that you want to publish with the following options:

- Title = Title for your paste. For an untitled paste leave blank.
- Textarea = Required. Paste your content here. You can paste text/links.
- Custom URL = Set a custom URL for your paste here. Cannot be more than 10 characters and can only contain numbers and letters.
- Passcode = Can't be more than 6 characters. Giving a Passcode here allows you to make changes to this paste at a later date. If you do not give a Passcode now this paste can never be changed.

You can also customize text when creating content. For example, if you want to insert an image, color text or change the font size.
Please research and study the usage guide below:

Text Color

You can use color names or html color codes.

[c=color name/html color code]Your Text[/c]

Here's an example of how to use it:

[c=blue]Your Text[/c] => Your Text
[c=red]Your Text[/c] => Your Text
[c=green]Your Text[/c] => Your Text
[c=#800080]Your Text[/c] => Your Text
[c=#FF1493]Your Text[/c] => Your Text
[c=#DC143C]Your Text[/c] => Your Text

You can find out more about color names and html color codes on search engines like Google.


To display images in your text, use:


- Image address formats can be in png, gif, svg or jpg.
- Make sure the image is hosted on the site with SSL certificate installed (https://).

Text Style

We allow you to write texts in several styles, for example:

- Link : =>
- Bold Text: [b]Your Text[/b] => Your Text
- Italic Text: [i]Your Text[/i] => Your Text
- Underlined Text: [u]Your Text[/u] => Your Text
- Strikethrough Text: [s]Your Text[/s] => Your Text

Text Size

You can change the text size in pixels (px), points (pt), ems or rems, and percent (%) values.

[size=17px]Your Text[/size]

- Replace number 17 with the number according to the desired text size.
- You can replace px with pt, ems, rems, or %.


[size=22pt]Your Text[/size]


Other text format that you might want to use:

[code]Your Text[/code]